Tears that must smile.

Over the years, sacrifice has been taught from generation to generations. There are many examples of selfless sacrifice. A nation suffers economic bankruptcy, but the people musn’t know or it may cause panic, a single mother has no idea where she is going to get the next meal, but the children musn’t know or they will be worried. Somebody will sacrifice their child to save themselves , someone else will sacrifice their selves to save a stranger Sometimes we go through a sort of hell on Earth, but we can’t share it with anyone, we sacrifice our selves so that others can be happy, that is the logic of tears that must smile.

Have you ever had to cry , but can’t, due to the fear of who might see you, or how it could affect someone, have you ever wanted to shout in agony, but had to suppress it due to that person’s presence, that is tears that must smile

When you turn left and all you see is danger, you turn right and mountains await you to devour you, when fear surrounds you, but you must accept it with a bright smile , that is tears that must smile. Tears that must smile is totally different from tears of joy, a tear drops and you wipe it away and in place of it you place a smile, that is tears that must smile. For the ladies you cry and apply makeup to cover it up, the guys say I didn’t sleep all night I was busy, or you splash water on your face trying to cover your sadness up and then replace it with a smile.

Amy is a full time housewife, she starts the day by making breakfast, she dresses up the kids for school and helps her husband get ready. Frank his Amy’s husband he comes back every day from work drunk and then he beats up his wife, giving her bruises allover. Amy wants to cry but then her five year old daughter comes into the room saying ” mummy who was shouting”, Amy immediately washes her face and dries it with a towel, she then rushes out to her daughter and hugs her saying ” it’s alright, it was the television , I have reduced the volume, now go to sleep”.

For people like Amy, this is a daily routine, and just like that she either applies some facial mask or makeup to cover it up. That is a tear that must smile, it isn’t necessarily someone who wants to cry it could be someone in agony or pain who can’t express it to people around them.

Five things to do to when you fall into a situation of tears that must smile.

1. Find someone to talk to. Don’t hold it in. A counselor or maybe a friend.

2. Find a place to cry it out, you might not be able to cry out in front of that person or in that place but you can surely find a place to cry out. If you keep on holding it you won’t be able to let go.

3. Try not to be alone, after incidents or an event that makes you want to cry, find people that make you happy be around them, it will make you feel better.

4. Meditate with yourself, try to find yourself if you are lost, if you have found yourself , give yourself hope . No one can heal your soul better than you.

5. Try to find a solution to your problem, or to what makes you want to cry. If you are not able to then ask for help.

It’s too silent to be heard , it’s too strong to be wavered, it has neither a face to show nor a mouth to tell, every drop has a story to tell. What does the future want from the present , only the past can tell. In all life struggles one must endeavor not to forget their own happiness , but it must not come at the price of other people’s happiness. We can’t all win, but we can all have a chance to win.

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7 thoughts on “Tears that must smile.

  1. Tears that must smile, WOW this is really inspiring now I know what to do next time I’m in a situation like that.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™‚


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