Ranty Rants

I wanted to see the world as a blue unicorny magic space, where ‘anything was possible’ I didn’t just know how true it was.

Like it was literally true, ‘anything is possible’ and I mean nothing is also possible because nothing would also be anything, so yes the logic is anything even nothing or even something’s is possible (●♡∀♡) know this and be free🤭🤭 (okay that is weird)

I often think about ‘Love’ as a whole of itself, it’s not just about the romantic kind, or the physical love, I think of love in all it’s aspects , like if you told someone you loved them? Would it be true , in your heart, would it be just from the spur of the moment., Something your brain privately sectioned or placed under the ‘you are in love motion’ or better still ‘this is love motion, for the brain, what was love? For the heart what was love, for the body what was love, for you what was love, for your soul what is love, and for all the answers to all these questions which was truly love, which wasn’t, what was love. I would also think about other things like what love entailed? Was love a tragedy, or just a walk of happiness in our sad , unpredictable lives,

Is love something that exists as a consolation to our souls or was it a pattern to living, I always said everyone had something they loved and for those that claimed they didn’t believe in love, I would say they probably loved themselves or even food, love seems to be so simple and everyone had a picture of what love is and should be* for some love is that cuteness and patience that tolerates anything and everything, for some *others love is a bold heart that trembles yet would fight mountains and snow storms ….

if someone asked me what I thought of the term, I’d say love was intense yet gentle, I would say love was selfish yet generous, I would say love was jealous yet forgiving, it is angry yet happy, love is blind yet sees all, love is so many things, so many, that one couldn’t describe in a thousand pages, yes! Love was that serious, love is not between a man and a woman, love is something that could be found between plants and animals, love was kind , love is a miracle, love is magical, love made impossibilities possible, love is a rare and precious gift, love is more than sayings of sweet nothings between a man and a maiden, love was so much yet so little all at once, love exists, love is not something that can be considered fake and fleeting, love is love, love is not disputable, I used to think that there was always love amongst man, just in levels of intensity, but now I don’t think like that anymore, love was either love simple and undiluted or it wasn’t … 🤷🏽‍♀️

Oh wow(●♡∀♡). … Love is a gift, borne in a realm of unknowns, love is a treasure unseen , unfelt yet more precious than gold and rubies, if I ever met love(◔‿◔) I would say thank you 。◕‿◕。♡.

If you meet love, extend my greetings ♡˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱

Who am I?

Have you ever been asked who you were? Have you ever wondered who you were ? What would you say about yourself? What would you describe yourself as?

Who are you? What comes to your mind first, what is the first thing you can associate yourself with, something that in you it is found and in it you are found, who are you?

I don’t know about you, but I am a child of God, and I am chosen, redeemed, loved, sealed, forgiven, and so much more.

When you are talking about the attributes of something you have to look at it , understand the behaviors and patterns. Who understands that thing better than it’s creator, talk much more of a human being, talk much more of YOU!

The creator defines his creation

So who created you, as much as I know God created me and you, and in Ephesians 1,2 he says you are loved, you are chosen, you are forgiven …. God says you are beautiful, he says you are his , when Someone says you are insignificant he says , you are his daughter , his son in whom he is well pleased, God says you are wonderfully made, he says you are loved, he speaks of the great plans he has for you, all that he says , that is who you are!

Nobody gets a say, nobody! Not even you! And nobody gets to say what size , what weight, what “color” , nobody gets to say who is smart enough, who is good enough, who is bold enough, because he says “you are my son/my daughter in whom I am well pleased”

Just wanted to tell you who I am…

Were we incapable of lOVE

Somebody ACE: Yes! I read alot of books, and yes! I was a big fan of the fairy tale love, the ever-after, the I hate you drama when they mean the opposite, yes and I loved the romantic fights and cliche catch and fall, but I am the last person who would believe in something as fictional as LOVE…

Somebody AEC : I know love exists, I just didn’t believe that any of us where capable of something so surreal as love, yes we claimed to love each other, and Said the cute ” I love you” , kisses and hugs, but the truth is none of us were capable enough to actually give something as powerful as love, we couldn’t , we were too selfish, too self conscious and we couldn’t even love ourselves properly to give something as powerful as love to someone else, even when we tried , we could only try , it was just like a child trying to balance on an adult’s chair, it didn’t fit, it wasn’t ” …” I think that’s all we could really do, we could try to love but we would end up failing, because we were incapable of something so surreal, we were to angry and easily offended, we were unforgiving…

Love! Has no anger, Love was patient, Love was kind, Love was forgiving, Love was trust, Love had no doubts, Love was true, Love was alot of things, alot of things we didn’t possess, alot of things we were building up, but probably wouldn’t be able to truly have, love wasn’t impossible, it was just too real for us, I think instead of saying I love you, we should be saying , I am Willing to try and love you, not because the other person didn’t deserve love, it was simply because we couldn’t actually love someone truly, we could only try, it was because God was love!

We were endlessly scraping at the surface, trying to grasp and phantom, how to love someone, “trying”

There was no debate if love was real or not, most of us just couldn’t handle what it would take to love someone, as it is, we were trying everyday to love ourselves and still it wasn’t easy, talk more of someone else

Deep down we were all capable of love, we Just found it way easier to back down when trials appear, we didn’t want the complications that came with trying to love someone.

It may not be easy but everyday of your life try to love someone (θ‿θ).


The one who BLOOMED in the mud

Have you heard of the flower that bloomed in the mud?

The lotus flower grows in the mud far away from the sun, but sooner or later, the Lotus reaches the light and becomes the most beautiful flower …

This concept of growth, creation and just the story behind it makes it one of my most loved flowers, at first I was just attracted to the flower and I always wanted to see one someday, but recently I saw the growth story behind it and I fell in love with it, It’s inspiring and maybe it isn’t like the elegant rose with thorns but it sure has it’s own story.

There were people who could relate with this story of the lotus, having being born in poverty or perhaps in suffering and pain, not lavish but slowly and surely they fought and found their way to the light, the lotus wasn’t beautiful just because of how it looked but it was beautiful because it had fought for it’s place in the light and that was worthy of Praise.

The flowers emerge clean and bright, there were people who were able to preserve the goodness of their heart and candidness through the ugly phases in their lives.

We have all been through the ugly phases of life, and even if there was someone that hasn’t, then when we eventually pass through the trails in life , most of us find it hard to get through it, some remain stuck in that phase forever , not finding the light to breakthrough, some hide the pain under the cover of darkness, but there were some people who despite the trials and tribulation fought hard to remain true, to keep the light, they fought hard to protect the goodness, they didn’t let life’s trials shatter them or break them, yes they stumbled but they fought hard to find the light, just like the lotus emerging from the mud, CLEAN and BRIGHT..

In all honesty, I believe that everyone has been in mud, even in different ways and types, but we have all been in the mud of life.. hoping to get out from the situation, yet not being able to, the problems I believe everyone has one, just like mud, sticking and dirty, refusing to leave easily, the problems were there, I didn’t know for sure but I wanted to believe that at one point in all our lives, in the circle of every living thing, there was a little hiccup, a little stumble, it was because that was the balance, the perfection that we have come to realize and accept, at one point we would all experience troubles, trials and tribulations , no matter what you wanted to call it , small or big, and perhaps most of us would want something as blissful as a result just like the lotus.

I also wish that I could emerge CLEAN and BRIGHT, maybe we all did, maybe we all would and maybe we wouldn’t, who knows😅 but if there is something I wanted you to hold on to from this Little writing of mine, it would be that….. “the Light is never far away, you just had to find it” ……

✨Happy new year✨, I hope that you always find the light …. ❤️❤️

Who we are

In society what matters is what your name is, How wonderful your dress is, how you look, and who your family is?

In most places no body cares what your degree states, no body wants to know what u truly meant …

I long for a world where people could see me for who I was, who I tried to become, I didn’t want people to assume that , this was what I was thinking or what I meant, or that I was happy or that I was angry, I get the body language belief, but I didn’t want people to assume that just because I came from a particular tribe, country, race or culture, didn’t mean I wasn’t entitled to being who I was, to having my identity… NO!

Yes! Maybe things played out differently than we wanted it to, and maybe things weren’t going according to plan , and protocol… But the truth remains that people weren’t what we thought in our minds people could be different and nobody has any right to assume, or to place any constrictions on another person…it was wrong to judge despite the fact that many unconsciously do that, and yes we assumed, cause assumption was part of curiosity and observation, but I think many of us, would appreciate and long for some space …

Some of us, wanted to be able to be who we are, and Don’t judge me cause my dress happened to be torn, or that it wasn’t classy, or assume that I was poor, or that I was proud, just because of my body language, give me a chance first… I think we all deserve to be who we are…

Free as a bird 🦋

What is freedom? We remain prisoners to everything that we are, none of us are truly free, is it the freedom that comes from death or that which comes from being a bird with wings, now you know the birds aren’t free either, they have to stop flying at some point don’t they?

We all thought the birds are free, and maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, who is to say, maybe they just have a really big cage🌚.. what is freedom? Is it a life without chains? Is it a life of freewill? Or is it a life where one can do as one pleases without any apprehension? Is it a state of independence ? Or rather is it unlimited living? What is freedom? What is it to you?

Everyone wanted to be free, I just wanted to be able to eat what I like when I like, today I figured they were the same thing!

I don’t really know how to explain what freedom was or what it is, but I know in some sense we were all free and also unfree, life is unbalanced like that, or maybe that is the balance! Either way , I hope that we could all atleast spread our wings and fly , maybe not as high as we would like, but I think we all deserve a chance at freedom, with freedom, and in freedom.

I also didn’t know what freedom was or how it felt, but there was someone who did make me feel that I could be free, In him I could know what freedom truly was. He was freedom , freedom in it’s truest form could be found in him and I believe that.

Shooting stars can’t fix the world

The flowers are beautiful, but they aren’t strong enough against the wind.

I put you high up in the sky but now you aren’t coming down

You just gonna stand there and watch me burn
If you had it all, but nobody to call
All I risk to be close to you
Broken in so many ways
Shoot me now, but I won’t fall.

I was getting used to being someone you loved

I was listening to the ocean

The sound that saves a wretch like me
Now the day bleeds
We have a choice to build or to destroy, to fight or to come together.

Am wide awake now, am free of all doubts
Have got brand new eyes and I can finally see…

If you stay wide awake long enough, you keep searching and believing , happiness is a treasure, far more precious than gold and diamonds, found in the threshold of care and love, stemmed from a passion to live in the moment, to enjoy that passing minute, if you believe well enough happiness is just by the corner, smile and doors will open, whether you believe or not

The above a song snippet and an author’s ramble(◔‿◔)but I wanted u to have a look still

Miracles from heaven

So what happens when something you didn’t call for appears at your door,and

Then the why’s and God please’ you are asking if he is up there , if he does your hear your cry because you can’t hear his voice, and your faith is slowly sizzling out.

Dawn is breaking, am hoping to hear his voice. And the redness in your eyes and the pain in your heart tells a little of the story, the ride we smile is a wonderful story, and then our voices get louder and higher than our faith, there’s alot that we want to say , faith fades and weans the longer it takes, many promises forgotten, trying to meet up yet falling behind , knowing that the pain never stops , she wishes for death, to go to a paradise , where it’s finally over.

Through the ray of light things don’t seem to be getting better, maybe even worse we can’t really tell for sure, and we are looking up praying , hoping that it would get better , we are floating up in our own misery and uncertainty, miracles spring up unknown to us, and the butterfly was there , a sense of safety, new plants , new smiles, and we just know somehow, walking on floating clowds. Not everyone is going to believe the the story or the reality of this but we get there when we get there. In all this it’s a miracle from heaven something that can’t be explained by human knowledge , something that we probably will never understand or know except we wholeheartedly believe that God exists and he is real, and then we can truly smile happy smiles because with all hope and truth we know that we are healed.

Albert Einstein once said

-there are two ways to live your life either by believing that everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle

Miracles are God’s way of saying that he is here with us, that we are safe , we are loved and then we feel God, his peace, among the suffering and war, his love among the countless stream of pain, his presence even amongst the trouble, those are miracles from heaven, and you should know that God loves you just like that 📍

The End pt2

The storm has began, the long awaited battle between the great sage/ the true God, and the demons of hell.

The battle drums are sounding , the trumpet being tuned, when it sounds it shall all end and begin at the same time. Let those that have ears! Let them hear…

It will not be like the fairytaled battles that we have watched, for no man can imagine an inkling of what is planned, there will be pain unimaginable pain, death, suffering, hunger and anger . In those days men shall seek death and shall not find it, death shall flee from them! The battle began long ago, it still continues, the end draws near quickly, seek for the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you .

In those days the saints shall proclaim “though he slays me, still will I trust him” Hossana, Hossana , Hossana is the king! For their crowns awaitheth with the most high.

Authors maze

Love is a religion
Love is a school
Love is beautiful
Love doesn’t look at class, status, title, fame, power, religion, love only sees itself…. And maybe love is selfish cause of that….
Everyone has loved, even if it were themselves, or an object, or their power, if so then we must punish everyone if love is a crime…
Because we have all loved.

What is logic, it is only in the diSlogical reason of love can any true logic be found.

U will never know what it’s like spending your whole life in a dream

We all had our own reasons, and it felt right to us, one thing we never wanted was a war, so we all take the blame , and as long as we are alive we fight to protect this people who have no hand in this.

We can’t accept something that we don’t see in ourselves, we fear it, it’s human nature.

We can’t keep thinking that we are all that matters, the world has nothing to do with us, this is where we live, it’s home now. We have to do our parts, to keep things going, to project and stabilize the balance that we have been given. We will all suffer if our home collapses so we must keep trying, put our best into doing what is right, fight for our safety and our health, the future counts on all of us. – Priscillia

Can there be contentment in death.
What is true happiness?
Ask yourself this one question, if your religion became a sin, and everyone who worships God is to be slayed and abused, bruised and insulted, would you still continue to worship him…?
Be truthful to yourself, you already know the answer as it is clear to your heart.

When all you see is your pain you loose sight of me.

Job 13:14 though he slay me, I will still trust him

Psalm 34:13, 14
Many are the afflictions of the righteous, ( game changer) but the lord shall deliver him from them all.

Jeremiah: I know the thoughts I have for you, of Good and not evil to prosper you and give you an expected end

Jesus said “come to me all you who are troubled and weary and I will give you rest”

Keep your head up, the battle isn’t yours, there is a lion, the lion of the tribe of Judah and he ain’t ever lost any battle, he will fight for you.

The bible says, if you will call upon my name, I will answer and if you will pray in my name , let that mountain be moved then so be it.
Some people do not understand the gravity of that word…
Cause you can’t see that those mountains are moving, you don’t see them angel already at work.

Although Job didn’t understand why all this was happening to him, his friends said he was ungodly and deserved it, his wife said curse God and die, but Job trusted God , he stood strong despite the confusion.
God is good , all the time, not sometimes not somedays , everytime he is Good

The wars are plenty this days
Blood! A distinct air
But when peace will come, the sun will shine again .
Everything will be fine as it should
So long you keep pointing the saber forward
One day, both the crispy valleys, and the high mountains, all will bear witness to your legend of Fei

Heaven blesses those who see the sun at night
We must not disapoint heroes before us,
Striving for peace, happiness and love
We must defend what is right
Remain true to heaven, earth and ourselves
Here! Lives a righteous promise.

Black Roses

Everything is dangerous

Even the beautiful rose

Has thorns, don’t let you guard down

Time passes by

The incense stick turns to ash

Perhaps it is time already

Hope you live(d) well

If not you still have time,

Do something, wait NO!

Just live WELL

Live the right way, the right way is exactly what it is, RIGHT

Dr. Cardio💉

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Young adults, it is imperative to learn the basics of staying healthy before it goes on the market. When you are alone, you have full responsibility for healthy choices for yourself, including the responsibility for choosing inappropriate health.Unfortunately, many teenagers and young adults may not have a health model at home, and as a result, they can mimic the false health practices that have grown. In our society, everything is based on the theory of “faster, faster, cheaper” and, sadly, has been extended to our food and general health. The idea is that various diseases such as cancer are widespread, and two-thirds of the population is a chronic degenerative disease caused by overweight and obesity caused by wrong eating habits and lifestyle habits, leading to premature aging. It was linked to the society that brought it. This doesn’t have to be yours. Training is especially useful when used with behavior. Understanding your choices at a young age for a healthy and balanced life will positively affect your happiness as well as the happiness of others.

   There are many ways to improve and maintain your health, but a few basic habits can have a surprising impact on your overall health, especially in adulthood. Food is fuel, and just as Formula 1 cars need premium fuel to run well, you need the best food to achieve and maintain peak performance. The food you eat every day is not about how much energy you have but how your brain works, your skin and your taste buds. It changes over time. I will decide! Your body is lacking substances, a lot of sugar, knows chemicals and preservatives, so it can’t use many foods for a long time. These are sometimes the tastiest and easiest foods to prepare, but they don’t contribute significantly to long-term health. As parents, feeding and raising your children in a balanced and healthy way will give them the best start in life, leaving them an irreplaceable legacy of a healthy lifestyle. . When you enter high school from college, you suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and many other incurable illnesses due to neglect of the healthy lifestyle that you have maintained for many. years. To get you off the guitar, the eating habits you develop as a teenager will likely encourage you to enter college and into your adult life. Making an effort to adopt healthy habits now has obvious benefits as you get older.

Photo by Ella Olsson on Pexels.com

You may have heard your parents or even your grandparents describe how different things were during their teenage years and adulthood. Children often help out at home or on the farm, or play outside most of the day in the summer and often after school. As a result, they were much healthier and didn’t really need formal recommendations for exercise. Take it a few generations and things look a lot different. There is an epidemic of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. This hasn’t happened in previous generations, not only because children used to be more active, but also because they ate less refined and sugary foods. The combination of these two factors can cause one of the worst health problems to date, as overweight children often become overweight as adults and are at risk of developing a range of problems .

Deep sleep is also one of the most important but underestimated ways to maintain and improve your health. During breaks, the body can metabolize food to recover from injuries that occur throughout the day and switch to the rest of the mode to save energy. Like a cell phone, it may not work when you need it most if you don’t charge your body’s battery.

Exercising and eating wholesome have been verified to progress physical health. Nevertheless, there are numerous minor details which have an effect on people’s healthiness. Personal hygiene and social participation have historically fostered health in numerous ways. Keeping one’s body smooth to thwart illnesses and keep away from infections is imperative. Cleaning hands, brushing teeth, cleansing cutlery helps in preventing infections.

One needs to attempt to avoid the appearance of microbes in the body. Establishing social relationships prolongs life and will increase productivity and positivism in life. Socialization may additionally make bigger knowledge, develop character and make an individual considerably healthy.

Although it can also sound like a lot, eating well, exercising and getting adequate rest are the cornerstones of true health. Mastering these areas will assist you maintain stability and create a experience of accomplishment in all areas of your life, along with school, work, household and leisure.

***** Hello Fellas, This is probably the first of many but like what they say, ” Health is the best form of wealth” so welcome in your midst, Dr. Cardio💉 *****

Stay safe! Stay loved!