Welcome to Pixie’s Blog.

You probably want to know ;

When the blog started. Why the blog started. Who created the blog. What you should expect from the blog.

Well… You have come to the right page😊.

When the blog started. The blog was officially created in the year 2020. In the wonderful month of February, on the special 2nd day of the month. All together the blog was created on 2nd February 2020. On a fine Sunday evening.

Why the blog started. To be completely honest, I didn’t have a major reason other than the fact that I just wanted to have a blog😅. I was going through the net on what productive thing I could do, then I came across the blog creating site *Wordpress* . I didn’t even know what a blog was or how to run one , but something in me just wanted to create a blog and so I did, and until now I keep finding the reason I created my blog, maybe it was because i had to speak my mind.

Who created the blog. Umm….. That’s a rather tricky question. Joking joking, it’s quite easy, I created the blog. My name is Priscillia but you can just call me Lia or my pen names (Pixie, Puxila).

What you should expect from the blog. Expect the expected and also the unexpected , but try as much as possible to not always expect the expected least the unexpected becomes expected….. 🤨 *Even I don’t understand what that means👀* to put it in simple terms, the content may not be *douche’* but it won’t be short of sensible. I don’t have a particular time frame of posting but at least within a month I will definitely post at least nothing short of one post. My works are my thoughts, and my thoughts work for me.