Racism and Inequality

Black Lives Matter

Growing up, all I ever knew was that your skin color was what defined who you were and who you will ever be. If you were born to be a white, then you wouldn’t have such a tough time at live regretting your very own existence. Maybe you would go through emotional trauma, poverty, death, but you probably wouldn’t be condemned for the color of you skin. But then, if you were born black skinned or even came from a black country, then you were doomed from the very first time you came to the world, to be bullied, insulted, and even condemned for being who you are.

Rebecca is a twenty- six year old Nigerian, she is the daughter of Mr Adedeji Adekunle and Mrs Adekunle Seyifunmi. Their family was a well respected one, due to their strong moral upbringing, none of the Adekunle’s were disrespectful or showed any sign of immortality, Rebecca was the second child of her parents ,among her siblings she was exceptional in both beauty and morals, she was indeed a virtuous young woman , Rebecca is about five feet , two inches tall, she studied business management in the University of Nsuka, Rebecca always wanted to be a business indulged woman, she was also a socialite , as a result of this, she had alot of friends, she was successful and accomplished at such a young age,Rebecca always wished to work abroad, after searching for a long time she got a job abroad in the famous Gold investment banking limited located in the city of New York. After arriving there she booked a room at an hotel, on getting there alot of people were staring at her and mumurring all sorts, she gathered herself together thinking that they had probably not seen a black before, she then went inside the building. On getting inside she was greeted warmly by the receptionist, who took down her details and then handed her the key to her room, Rebecca lmmediately retired to her room and then slept off at exactly 8:30.

At around 7:00 in the morning the sound of the ambulance alongside the police siren was heard around the hotel, after sometime a lifeless body was brought out from the hotel into the ambulance. The police then questioned the hotel staffs on matters related to the death of Miss Adekunle Rebecca.
You must be surprised by how a young vibrant woman, who just arrived in a new city was mercilessly raped and murdered who could have done that, what was their reason, could it be someone from home, could it be an hotel staff who had been eyeing her ever since she entered the hotel. The question still remains who did it? and why? All these are questions that have answers, let’s see those answers .

At 9:00 PM on the night Rebecca arrived at the hotel. Rebecca was fast asleep ,when she heard a knock on the door. Rebecca being a light sleeper immediately heard the knock, she got up rubbing her eyes still feeling sleepy. Then she asked, ” who is it ?” Walking over to the door. A masculine voice replied saying, ” ma’am , it’s customer service. I am here to collect the towels in your room for dry cleaning ?” . Rebecca then went over to the closet picking up the towels from the wardrobe while murmuring to herself. “At this time of the night, well I paid for this”. She then opened the door to hand over the towels to the laundry boy. But to her surprise, she saw two middle-aged men and a young boy who seems to be in his twenties standing in front of her.
Rebecca tried to remain calm but it was obvious something fishy was going on. So summoning a little courage, she asked, “What are you all doing here? I am sure one person is enough to collect the towels.” Giving her notorious glares she was sure they weren’t her for the towels. In bid to slam the door shut, one of them immmediately held the door so that she wouldn’t. He then walked in with his other friends. Rebecca asked with fear in her voice ,” who are you? …and who do you think you are to walk into my room… ??”. One of them grabbed her by the arm while the other younger boy taped her mouth before she could scream for help. Struggling to escape, Rebecca was beaten severely to prevent her from screaming louder. No one heard her, the ordeal that befalled her that night was undescribable.
She was gang raped, and her lifeless body was left alone to wonder what she had done to deserve such a painful death
The suspects were later identified from a camera in the hotel’s lounge. They were eventually proven guilty after a post mothom test was carried out and the fingerprints matched perfectly. Still in custody, one of the men confessed bluntly, “we are decent men, we sure didn’t want a girl like her, but seeing that she was one of those stupid black slaves. We sure couldn’t stop ourselves, she consented to it as well and my son here will be getting married soon, it wouldn’t hurt for him to learn the way using that slave. We didn’t do anything wrong, we payed her diligently and the brat agreed, she was just a cheap prostitute “.The three of them were later realeased , after they were proven not guilty by the court, the court let them go on the basis that she had no lawyer to fight for her and she was a sex worker.

Her body was later deported back to Nigeria, with the message that she came to work as a prostitute and died.
This is the sad story of Miss Adekunle Rebecca

This is just one of the many ways black skinned people have been discrimimated and treated unjustly. Sometimes a black person travels out of their country to work in the white man’s country, they are treated like animals. They are given no respect or concern of any sort, it is as if they lost their fundamental human rights as soon as they arrive there. If a white man dies a great man has died, but when a black man dies a slave has died.
I don’t know, if whoever is reading this is a black or a white, because I don’t care about color. But I know that if you are reading this you are a person, blood runs through you, not black and not white. I know that you have a heart inside of you, that is why I hope you are proud of who you are and what you are. I am proud of who I am , and I am proud because I have a black skin, I am not a slave, I have my freedom, I am as important as every other person, inspite of skin color, race, tribe, or country. I am proud to be who I am, I hope you are.
If you are then, comment below – #Proud to be who I am #proud to be Black. #George Floyd

PLEASE NOTE : The above story is a work of fiction. Names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of the writer’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual person living or dead, events or localities, is entirely coincidental. It is simply used as a model to show many of the several incidents of injustice and discrimination to black persons.It is not to defame or accuse anyone.

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