Making a small difference: You are not too small, you are not insignificant.πŸ—£οΈπŸŒ

When trying something, you might get discouraged, you might fail, you may face condemnation, but if what you are doing is right, fight to get it done.

When a child is born, it is said that the child has it’s own purpose, it doesn’t matter how small that purpose may be. Someday, we will probably question our own existence, others may also ask what use are you, but on another day, some of us will smile and point out the purpose of our existence. Some people are able to find out their purpose in life, but they miss their opportunity, due to the place and time opportunity came knocking. An example of that time is childhood, some people are supposed to find out their purpose in life from childhood but they lost it for reasons like, am too small , no one will listen to me, I can’t do it, I am just a little girl, I am too insignificant. Don’t say that, when your time comes, because it is not true.

Sometimes, the period that you are supposed to become great might be right from childhood but those reasons, mentioned above stop us. A child definitely needs the support of an adult but that doesn’t make a child weak, an old man might be wise but he isn’t the center of knowledge, he still lacks some wisdom, he isn’t all knowing, and that is why a child, or a teenager may know what his or her parents are not aware of.

In this world there are alot of successful people, musicians, comedians, dancers , medical practitioners, lawyers etc. This people are not all adults, among them are teenagers and children. At the age of five Emmanuella became a famous comedian, she is now a known comedian. Amarachi Uyuanne, showcased her dancing skill at a competition in 2012, she became the youngest millionaire in Nigeria, she is now a renowned dancer, this is what you call a small difference with a big change. It doesn’t matter how old you are, do what you do best and make your own small difference.

Most atimes a child has the power to change things around him/herself but everyone including the child believes that he is too small to make a difference, when cooking, alot of ingredients are added, but a little pinch of salt, if not added ruins the whole meal, that pinch of salt makes a difference, as small and little as it may seem. So is the same for the teenagers of today, if you believe in yourself and in your ability , you can make a difference, you don’t have to wait until you are independent and old, the littlest thing you can do , may change the world around you. If you can write go ahead, create your own writing blog, participate in competitions, you never know you might just be the winner, if you can draw, go ahead and draw away, display your work, may become a famous artist. No matter what it is you love doing and can do best , do it, you never know who might be watching, go ahead and make your small difference .

Being young and dependent, may bring you down, and sometimes you may want to give up, Don’t give in, keep trying. Even when you fall, the world may not help you up, maybe when you cried the world left you to yourself. But one day, they will care, one day it will change. One day the world will ask for your name, both the land and the seas will hear your struggles, and when that day comes, keep on shinning, don’t give up, keep on shinning. It doesn’t matter what struggles you may have passed through, when that day comes, you will smile, your light will not flicker, like the candle your light will not melt, like a torch, your light will not go off, when that day comes, you will realize that truly you are not too small.

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Love writing and expressing myself, also love dancing, singing and travelling.

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