True meaning of life: The meaning of life. ⚡

According to the Oxford learners dictionary, life is the ability to breathe, grow, reproduce, etc. that people, animals, and plants have before they die and that objects do not have.

I think life is what we say it is. Life has different meanings to different people. The meaning of life changes according to individual , generation and situation. Life is whatever we make it, it might not be the way we want it, but it is the way, we see it.

Whatever we say about something involves the way we see, or feel about it.

Let’s be pratical, and see if these theory is right or wrong.

In these picture I see a woman, you may say, you see a tree. We are both right because we may be seeing it from different point of views, and we can both justify our point.

For some life is a bed of roses, for some life is meaningless, for some it is vanity. I sat down thinking and then I asked a a ten year old what he thought life was, he then said ” Life is a game with two players God and the devil”. It sounded childish but I think we already established the fact that life has different meaning to different people. I went further to ask a young lady and she said ” Life is a book of many chapters, ( positive and negative) “. For many life is all about love and for few life is all about religion. It depends on how you look at it.

For some tomorrow is another day, but for few of us there is no tomorrow, being alive is not about being able to walk, eat, drink, talk and work, being alive is being able to find the meaning of life to you. For a food hawker life begins with work and ends with work, for a business man it is mostly about business before pleasure. Life has different meanings, Life is death and vice versa.

Someone asked why should we fight for life, when we know it’s going to end someday? My answer to that question is ,life is precious because we know we are going to die, death isn’t what we fear most, we are afraid of being alive, we are afraid of living the only life we have.

Many want to know the secret to living forever, well I think I have it . If you want to live forever do this;

1.Find somebody who doesn’t have life, or someone who is losing life.

2. Give that person life.

You must be thinking, this is not right, then let me show you how right it is. Your life doesn’t belong to you it belongs to that person who gave you life , when you give someone life it doesn’t necessarily mean dying, or giving birth, it could also mean saving someone whom has lost the will to live. Mary found Dorcas whom was about to commit suicide she saved her and talked to her, she also helped her to get through that bad Time she was going through, in this way Mary has given life, and with that action she can live for as long as possible, because she gave life, and then hopefully Dorcas who is now alive will give another person life, and so life continues.

Someone wise once said

All life is connected, life can not be hoarded, it can only be given. Deny death and deny life.

What is life for you?? is it just another game, is it a book 📚, is it meaningless, what is life for you??????

Let’s discuss in the comment section, friends what is life for you. ⚡🙂

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